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about the learning group:

In 2019, we are creating spaces for our community to explore how to be agents of interpersonal, organizational and systemic transformation.

As part of this effort, we’re launching a cohort-based learning group for white people interested in showing up as powerful allies for racial justice. We’re calling it Deepening White Allyship: Walking the Walk and we invite you to consider joining us. 

Though the primary audience for this course is white people, people of color interested in being with white people on this journey are also welcome.

Growth Opportunities: As a result of participating in this cohort, you will: 

  • Reckon with the cost of whiteness for all of us

  • Identify your unconscious biases, assumptions and fears about race

  • Explore mindsets, behaviors, and commitments that will enable you to more effectively ally with people/communities of color 

  • Hone your ability to have difficult conversations about race

  • Craft individualized strategies for being an agent of interpersonal, organizational, and systemic change

  • Build relationships with a community of people interested in showing up for racial justice 

Format: The group will meet monthly in 2019, primarily via one-hour webinars with two in-person lunches in downtown Los Angeles. The sessions will be highly interactive, with curated content, small group dialogue, reflection time, and full-group conversation. 

Facilitator: Christine Margiotta, Executive Director of Social Venture Partners, is designing and facilitating this learning group, with occasional support from special guests.  

Commitment: By participating in this course, you make a commitment to show up fully present each month, explore deeply personal topics and co-create a space of openness to learning, connection and purpose. Participants are expected to participate in all twelve monthly sessions, though webinar sessions will be recorded for times when participants are not able to participate live.

Cost: We invite you to contribute financially at a level that is meaningful to you. We view financial contributions as an expression of appreciation and generosity and we welcome any level of contribution you feel moved to shared to support the planning and execution of this course.

Course Dates

Thursday, January 24, 11am-12pm (webinar)
Thursday, February 28, 11am-12pm (webinar)
Thursday, March 27th, 12-2pm (in person lunch, DTLA)
Thursday, March 29th, 11am-12pm (webinar - **This webinar is specifically for those who can’t make 3/27 lunch)
Thursday, April 25, 11am-12pm (webinar)
Thursday, May 23, 11am-12pm (webinar)
Wednesday, June 26, 11am-12pm (webinar)
Thursday, July 25, 11am-12pm (webinar)
Thursday, August 22, 11am-12pm (webinar)
Thursday, September 26, 11am-12pm (webinar)
Thursday, October 24, 11am-12pm (webinar)
Wednesday, November 20, 11am-12pm (webinar)
Wednesday, December 11th, 12-2pm (in person lunch, DTLA)
Thursday, December 12th, 11a-12p (webinar - **This webinar is specifically for those who can’t make 12/11 lunch)


Registration for this course ended January 11th.

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