Accelerator 2017-2018 Workshop: Equity x Design.

Before you consider applying to the Accelerator, please ensure that you have read the Program Overview and Eligibility Criteria.

Accelerator selection - a THREE stage process

SVP appreciates the time, resources, and energy that nonprofit initiatives expend in submitting applications for programs and funding. We have simplified the application process to reduce the written requirement, incorporating in-person, interactive components to inform our selection process. Here’s what the three stage selection process for the 2019 - 2020 Accelerator looks like:

(1) Eligibility Questionnaire | Complete the questionnaire by Tuesday July 16th, 2019 5pm PST. Download the list of questions here.

(2) Applicant Workshop | SVP will invite eligible candidates to attend an in person Applicant Workshop in August 2019.

(3) Interview | Shortlisted candidates who participated in an Applicant Workshop will be invited to interview with SVP, before a final selection is made. Successful candidates will be notified on August 27th, 2019 if they have been selected for the program.

The Eligibility Questionnaire should be completed by the Lead Applicant - the person that will be engaged in all Accelerator activities, and that it is ideally the Executive Director or initiative Program Director.

SVP will invite only eligible candidates to attend an in person Applicant Workshop in August (there are 2 dates available to choose from). For more details on what the in person Applicant Workshop looks like, or the eligibility criteria, see the Accelerator FAQ.